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Uno Helmersson is an award-winning Swedish composer and a multi instrumentalist whose credits include the worldwide hit tv series The Bridge, broadcast in more than 100 territories and for which he was awarded a Golden FIPA. 2019 has been

busy with a major documentary series, On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship for Danish company, Bullit Films, and On The President’s Orders, a compelling documentary taking an inside look at the ongoing, controversial drug war in the Philippines. Other major credits include the Emmy winning Armadillo documentary series following a group of Danish soldiers for 6 months in Afghanistan; Magnus, about the life of Norway’s Mozart of Chess directed by Benjamin Ree for Norway’s Moskus Film; Susanne Bier’s A Second Chance, additional score; Mikkei Norgaard’s The Absent One; and Zentropa’s Department Q film series.

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Uno will be releasing five albums this year, some of his soundtracks and a solo album he’s been honing for the last twelve months.


Uno was born and raised in Västerbotten, in the rural parts of northern Sweden. When he was a small child, his parents took note of his talent for music and made him take organ classes in the nearest town. As a teenager,

having moved to a larger town, he played in bands and came to realise that he wanted to pursue music as his profession. He studied music in upper secondary school and continued with a number of preparatory courses

before being accepted into Royal College of Music in Stockholm in the fall of 2002.

During his collage years, he came into contact with Johan Söderqvist, one of the most prominent composers of film music in the Nordics. After graduating, Uno started working as Söderqvist’s assistant on films like “Let

the Right One In”, “Kon-Tiki” and “Limbo”. Their cooperation matured into a partnership that has resulted in acclaimed productions like the TV series “The Bridge” and “Departement Q” I & II.

Uno got his own international breakthrough with his music for the Danish documentary “Armadillo” in 2010. Since then he has been frequently  engaged to compose music for TV and cinema all around the world.



Working on a new album  

Stay tuned for more information

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